Grant Application Form with Terms and conditions

If you would like to look at and apply for a grant from Sutton Parish Council, please have a read of the application form and the terms and conditions.

 Grant Application Form and Terms and Conditions

COVID-19 Support Fund

The Parish Council has received grant funding from the Cambridgeshire Coronavirus Community Fund of £2,500.00

The fund will be administered by the Parish Clerk, via Sutton Timebank. The money is to assist older and vulnerable residents in the village through the next 6 months. We are able to use the funds for food supplies, newspapers, books, jigsaws, mobile phones and volunteer travel expenses.

The terms and conditions of the grant state that we have to ensure that the grant is specifically for older and vulnerable residents to ensure they are not lonely, isolated or have a lack of food. We will be following the Government guidelines in relation to this.

If you would like to apply for the funds please complete the covid-19 grant application form and Privacy Notice, these can be completed on line, and then emailed to You will then be contacted by Lucy, our Timebank Coordinator to complete the process.

Grants will be made until such time the Parish Council has spent the grant it has received. (14th April 2020)