Household Support Fund helps those most in need

Published: 03 February 2022

hsf homeHousehold Support Fund helps those most in need

Cambridgeshire County Council is offering a payment of £20 to all 39,000 people in the county on Universal Credit to help them manage the rising costs of living this winter.

Announced earlier this month, anyone receiving Universal Credit can apply for this payment by filling in a simple form. Thousands of people have already been supported through the fund, however a considerable number of those thought to be eligible have yet to make a claim.

Cllr Tom Sanderson, Chair of the council’s Communities, Social Mobility and Inclusion Committee (CoSMIC) said; “With rising energy and other essential bills, and the £20 reduction of Universal Credit last October, households in Cambridgeshire are already having to choose between heating and eating. We want to make sure this fund can help everyone who needs it now and highlight what other help it might be able to provide.”